Shake Unveils New Quart Chug Champ Shirt

Since we started (((SHAKE))) back in ’08, we’ve been holding a little contest on The Vagabond’s patio that’s tested the true fortitude of the human spirit. That’s right, I’m talking about the Colt 45 Quart Chug Championship. 32 Oz of malt liquor in one go is no easy task, but those brave enough have won awesome prizes ranging from free tattoos to AHOLSNIFFSGLUE artwork. This Thursday we unveil our new shirt designed by Jose Blue Jeans that will give the winner a great sense of pride and officialness when they wear it to work or their next church function. Below is the design, but you’ll have to be there tonight to see the actual awesomeness of the shirt.

Tonight we also celebrate the Birthday of a great friend and (((SHAKE))) supporter Miss Goobs. When you get a chance, check out her awesome site dropping knowledge on an array of topics. We’ll also be welcoming back DZA who will be doing a guest spot in the Bar Room before A-Train, and saying goodbye to our awesome back Patio DJ The Whisper as he goes off on summer adventures.

It’s going to be an excellent night, and you can take part for free by sending an RSVP to and arriving before Midnight! Colt 45 Tallboys are $1 til Midnight, while Cuba Libre drinks are only $5 all night, so get loose and do your job!