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The beach, Parrot Jungle, the gas station on 54th and 2nd Ave: all prime examples of where Miamians kick it in the summer. But what about when the humidity is at its most smothering and your steering wheel is too hot to handle? When you’re sick of the swamp and are looking for a way to chill until sunset, why not sit by the box fan listening to some brand new summer jams. “But Sweat Blog, I’m too warm to find new music.” Well hey, that’s why we’re here.

John Hancock – Antenna Death LP

Antenna Death is the exciting new solo LP from ANR’s John Hancock, featuring 12 expertly composed tracks of eclectic dance/pop. The copies we’ve got in the store feature stenciled cover art by the man himself.

The Flaming Lips & Stardeath and White Dwarves – The Dark Side of the Moon LP

Not only do the Flaming Lips offer a start-to-finish cover of Pink Floyd’s magnum opus, but they also enlist Henry Rollins and Electroclash queen Peaches to help get the job done. Can’t help but wonder if it syncs up with The Wizard of Oz, or even better, HBO’s Oz.

Thee Oh Sees – Warm Slime LP

So Raw Festival is this weekend and if it’s one things those kids love more than Free Beer, it’s Rock and Roll. Get in the summertime fest mood with this fabulously lo-fi new LP from ‘Frisco slop psych unit Thee Oh Sees.

Crystal Castles – II CD

Fans of the debut album from Toronto’s Crystal Castles will doubly enjoy the sequel, in which the noisy electro duo further develop their unique digital palette.

And hey, we’ve got some gems in the Used Section too!

Iron Maiden – S/T LP & Piece of Mind LP

Nothing says summer like Power Metal! And no one plays better Power Metal than the originators, Iron Maiden. Here we’ve got two gorgeous LPs from early in the group’s career (i.e. featuring Bruce Dickinson on vocals!). Don’t sleep on this pair of 80’s metal classics!

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  1. the Iron Maiden “Somewhere in time” album is personal favorite.always great album art from those guys.
    must stop by and pick up Antenna Death!

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