One Night Only: JOHN HANCOCK + 11

John Hancock – the singer/drummer/founding father of ANR –  has a brand new solo album! Antenna Death has just been released by the rad St. Ives label on vinyl and we’ve got a stack of the extremely limited records in hand-decorated recycled jackets at Sweat.  The album is awesome, it’s been on heavy rotation around here lately, and of course it’s also available digitally.

So, tomorrow night we implore you to make it out to Fridays at The Vagabond as John Hancock will be performing the entire album, one-night-only, with an ELEVEN PIECE BAND.  In his words, “horns, guitars, keys, lady singers, and way too many drummers will make up this Parliamentary-inspired event. Swampy, sleazy craziness will ensue…”  Don’t sleep on this!

If you need more inspiration, check out his new video for “Not Scared At All” below, directed by Jorge Rubiera of Animal Tropical:

And here’s his video for “Wet Added,” a track we can’t get enough of:

See you tomorrow night!