Dali Tonight, Waffle Party Saturday!

Oh man, summer’s a-coming and our calendar of in-store events is filling up with some seriously awesome stuff!  You can always see what’s in the works on our Events page, but check out what we’ve got coming up through the end of the week:

THURSDAY: In our continuing monthly cult classics series Sweat and Ai Miami present a free screening of SALVADOR DALI: A SOFT SELF-PORTRAIT.  Part documentary, part Dali madness, it’s narrated by Orson Welles and provides a glimpse into the eclectic life of the artist.  No cover!

FRIDAY: Not at Sweat but LA RIOTS will be DJing at Fridays at The Vagabond!

SATURDAY: Who doesn’t love waffles??  We’re participating in the 2010 Global Vegan Waffle Party with a sure-to-be-delicious event right here at Sweat!  We’ll have several irons running – regular AND Belgian, of course – and all are welcome to join us.  Bring the fruit or vegan topping of your choice (or pitch in $5) and COME HUNGRY!

2 thoughts on “Dali Tonight, Waffle Party Saturday!

  1. oh my God I LOVE that movie. It’s so psych and weird. Too bad I have a radio show to do tonight 🙁

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