Sweatstock Recap, Pics + Videos!

We know we overuse this word a lot, but SWEATSTOCK WAS AMAZING.  We really couldn’t have dreamed for a better day – the rain held out and some of the most awesome people in Miami showed up for a day of buying records, eating cupcakes and watching great music.

Jsin and I would like to once again thank: Katherine, MJ, Robert, Matt Preira, Sara, Colin + Jared from Morphologic, Renee, Luci, Andrea, Jason, Fezito, Grace, Dez, Daniel and the Casa De Ha-Ha crew, Chuck and Ian at Iron Forge Press, FriendsWithYou, The Vagabond, LiveNation, Yelp, Garvin Media Group, Cielo Catering, PDP Productions for the stage, Aramis, Scratch Academy, Dominic, Andrew, Black Sheep Sound, the New Times, CityLink and everyone who wrote about us, Mayor Regalado, the cops for keeping everyone safe, all the DJs (Hottpants, Patrick Walsh, Panic Bomber, Mr. Pharmacist, Induce, Tom Laroc, DJ Le Spam, Mike Deuce, Juan Basshead + MC Jumanji who had a full-on dubstep rave happening inside the shop at the end of the night), all the insanely talented acts (Black Bobby, Millionyoung, Beings, Animal Tropical, Matt from Pure Imagination, Raffa & Rainer, Rachel Goodrich, Jacuzzi Boys, ANR, Otto Von Schirach/Mr. Feathers/Thug Jesus), Benny, Churchill’s and every who played there afterward,  everyone who showed up, the Knight Foundation for their generous support, and Dean and Randy from NO AGE for being the two realest dudes ever and putting on one of the sickest shows we’ve seen in our whole lives.

You don’t have to keep taking our word for it, check out the links, reviews, photo galleries and videos below to relive the day:

Full review on the New Times’ Crossfade music blog
Detailed review of every live act + pics on the Discosoma Rex blog: Part 1, Part 2
Slideshow from the pre-party Panic Bomber show at Vagabond
Great slideshow of the whole day at Miami New Times
An awesome review over at Miami Mayhem
Loads of pics at Soul of Miami
More pics at The Guest Lab
A non-local review at L.A. Record
Wish You Were Here at the New Times’ Crossfade
Lots of other photos and stuff up on the Sweat Facebook
Scroll down for some great videos of Million Young, No Age, and a nice collage of the whole jam
Last but definitely not least, shouts outs from the guys themselves on NO AGE’s blog that got us even more misty and happy to be alive and breathing air and throwing shows for the kids and all that squishyness.

Anyway, thanks again to literally everyone.  This went off so well and we got so much positive feedback that we pretty much have no choice but to do this again in the future.

Lolo + Jsin

Sweatstock from Juan Satizabal on Vimeo.

NO AGE | [Live] (Little Haiti – Miami | 4.17.2010) from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo.

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  1. Thank you Sweat Records for existing and making Miami a more colorful place. You brought so many different kinds of people together last Saturday using the power of Music. I hope you have many more productive years ahead. BRAVO!!!

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