Black Keys WINNER

Congrats to Justin, lucky commenter #50 who just scored himself two tickets to Sunday night’s show with THE BLACK KEYS at the Fillmore! As of this post, tickets are still available here for $27.50 each.  Odds are the show will be ridonculously good, and despite our inevitable Sweatstock hangovers, we’re gonna be there with bells on.

P.S. Bonus props for the most creative comment from Maria: “Oh, Brothers; I would do The Moan for these tickets, but I’ve taken my Magic Potion down by the Rubber Factory in good ol’ Chulahoma. Attack and Release me with your Thickfreakness: This show is going to be The Big Come Up!”  Well done, madam.

1 thought on “Black Keys WINNER

  1. Thank you so much,

    I would have been a desperate man without those tickets.

    The Black Keys are my favorite band! I’m going to follow them from Miami to Bonnaroo to beyond, until Dan and Patrick file a restraining order or I contract scurvy, both are likely. This show is going to be face-meltingly good. Thanks again.

    Can’t wait for sweatstock, I’ll be there bright and early

    ‘Brothers’ drops on May 18

    Long Live Sweat Records

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