A Word About RSD Merch

So, we adore our customers and want to give y’all a heads up: the Record Store Day people have told us that they drastically underestimated the demand for this year’s RSD exclusives.  We’re already finding out that some things we ordered 15+ copies of, we were only allotted TWO copies out of what was available.  Some announced releases aren’t even coming out, some are UK-only, some bigger-market stores likely get better allotments… It’s been frustrating and in the words of one of our distributors, “a hot mess.”

Anyway, we got what we could, which is a nice chunk of stuff.  Doors open at 10am on Saturday so be there early or you will definitely be left out.  Our BFFs at Radio-Active Records are getting a ton of exclusives as well so we implore you to cross county lines and hit them up too!

On the up side, we ARE one of the 10 stores in North America chosen to carry the uber-exclusive new Surfer Blood/Holiday Shores split 7″, limited to 250 copies worldwide! The A side features Marnie Stern and the B side sees Holiday Shores covering Arthur Russell!

We’re also going to have an exclusive Postmarks mix CD for free and all the other free RSD swag, including vinyl, posters, stickers, slip mats, postcards, CDs, buttons, magazines and beyond.  Of course we are also going to have A HOLY TON OF OTHER MUSIC AND WONDERFULNESS AVAILABLE. We’ve been receiving new orders left and right, sifting through our vaults and pulling some really great used pieces and will be stocked to the hilt with all the best tunes in the universe.

As the RSD people told us, “it’s all about the spirit of the day!”  So if you don’t get exactly what you wanted we’re sorry, but don’t get mad – get a cupcake and a beer and head outside for SWEATSTOCK.

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  1. What fun would be to know, at this point? I’m taking Lolo’s advice and checking out Radioactive, too. If anything, the limits will keep my spending under control.

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