All About Record Store Day

In addition to Sweat’s 5-Year Anniversary, Saturday is also Record Store Day 2010!

RSD is our favorite made-up holiday EVER!  It was started in 2008 as a way to celebrate the independent record store and its role in society.  Since then it’s grown into a massive global movement, with hundreds of artists putting out exclusive releases only the indies can buy.  They have a great website full of info but our favorite page is here, where your favorite artists explain why indie stores mean so much to them.

Last but not least, watch below as RSD’s Ambassador, the always-debonair Joshua Homme (QOTSA/Them Crooked Vulture/Kyuss/everything awesome), clues you in as to why record stores should be an important part of your life:

“YOU need some fucking theme music, so you can strut and stroll your way through life like an untouchable river of hot fucking lava!”

3 thoughts on “All About Record Store Day

  1. ps…I just want to say that when discussing a possible haircolor change with Bianca D’an, to a fresh violet color, we described the right color as, “Sweat Records Purple…”
    I think that is kind of dopetastic.

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