Go See Animal Tropical Friday Night.

If you haven’t seen ANIMAL TROPICAL live yet, then rejoice and come out because they will be taking the stage this Friday at The Vagabond!

We unabashedly love this South Florida foursome who, while hard to describe, are making some of the best and most unique music in the current creative atmosphere.  They also dress sharp, make cool videos and put on a great show (which you can see  for yourself this week).  You can read more about them from some press quotes we posted after the jump.

We’ve posted this before but their awesome EP “Doom Years” is still available for free from the link below.  Get it and see you Friday!

Download: Animal Tropical “Doom Years” EP

“To give you an idea, “Doom Years” starts out psychedelic with a touch of Talking Heads and tiny taste of The Fall. It then gets all Beach Boys with a second of “Star Wars”-meets-reggaeton and finishes off Stephen Malkmus-like. We could keep going, but really, why bother. It’s a well-rounded sounding group of influences, but, generally speaking, it makes for an original sound.  These guys are one of the local few who have real high-prof potential.” – Liz Tracy, NBCMiami.com

“A Miami-based foursome kicking it for 5+ years now, Animal Tropical have stumbled upon (or perhaps moon-walked into) the perfect combination of Things That Make Kate Happy: funky, danceable beats, capricious melodies, hints of tropicalia, doo wop, pop, and punk, clever lyrics, and surf-inspired harmonies. And of course Castello’s David Byrne moves and the general Talking Heads-ness of it all don’t hurt either.”  – Kate Bracaglia, Phrequency.com

“…their sort of Talking Heads-esque absorption of world beat and indie rock, way before Vampire Weekend did it, and with a much more swampy feel.” – Arielle Castillo, Miami New Times

“The abstract psych vibe of the music was punctuated by the most fabulous hand gestures by any performer I’ve seen, quite possibly ever…Animal Tropical’s brilliance lies is in their ability to put it out there and still maintain a sense of control.” – Emma, theworldinapapercup.blogspot.com