Rachel Goodrich Video Contest WINNER(S)

First off, sorry for the delay.  The event itself Saturday night was a bit overwhelming as it was the single most packed event we’ve ever had at the store.  It was also ridiculously hard to choose a winner so thank you all for giving us and Rachel a break.

Second, we’d like to thank each and every filmmaker who participated in this contest.  We received 37 entries from all over the world and even better than getting all these great videos was that nearly every email we received told of how much fun was had making them.  On to what you’ve been waiting for…

CONGRATS to polyethyleneguy, Lucas Leyva and frorojas1 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, respectively! We (Rachel + Sweat) will be awarding cash to all three entries and are even pitching in extra because they were all great in their own ways and we think all were worthy of praise, YouTube hits, cash money and love.

Watch all three videos below, and thanks again.  Stay tuned for more giveaways (FriendsWithYou art + Henry Rollins tickets this week!), contests and more from Sweat.

polyethyleneguy’s piñata:

LucasLeyva’s thugged-out version…. In much the same way that Rachel’s sound isn’t the kind of music you’d expect to come out of Miami, Lucas’ video was definitely NOT what you’d expect to see go along with her music, but it works to hilarious effect.

Fro Rojas’ adorable kid-filled romp with cameos from FriendsWithYou toys and Crayola crayons (nice):

Thanks again everyone!

14 thoughts on “Rachel Goodrich Video Contest WINNER(S)

  1. Thank you to everyone who participated!!! It was especially difficult to narrow it down. Congratulations to the top 3!! Your videos were truly fun and inspiring. ALL the videos were extremely creative and FANTASTIC!! Thank you for your talent and generous contributions!

    lots of love to all

  2. my favorite is the pinata but the thug video captures the miami i remember growing up in 🙂

    you done well with the song rach,

    Dahvid hill

  3. So. I suspect you’ll delete this comment, but nevertheless…

    Who slept with whom in order to guarantee that this piece of garbage “won”?

    In a little under three minutes this little ditty manages to be misogynistic, racist, violent, *and* downright dumb. At least Mr. Leyva covered all the bases and, by repeating every cliche in the book, gets to bask in some pretend street cred for a while.

    What message are you trying to convey with kids playing with guns? Do you know anyone who’s lost a child due to an accidental shooting? I do, and I find your glorification of kids with guns nauseating.

    Of what value is the incessant booty shaking? Not just a clip of some booty shaking, mind you. It goes on, and on, and on, and on… and then, not yet satisfied with the saturnalia of cellulite… the director insists that we see more. Why?

    I see that your store got $150,000 from the Knight Foundation last year. I wonder if the people who signed that check are aware that you’re using their money to fund projects like Mr. Leyla’s, a piece that even YouTube classifies as inappropriate for viewers under 18.

    As for Rachel Goodrich, it’s going to be hard for me not to support her music, but if this is the aesthetic to which she aspires, she’s got a long way to go to earn my ear again.

  4. What? The 3rd one was the best. The pinata got old quick, and the 2nd one definitely didn’t work with the music. The 3rd one was lighthearted and fun, like the song.

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