Rachel Goodrich Contest Entries List

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, we got a ton of videos from literally all over the world! We haven’t chosen the winner yet but after the jump are the YouTube names of the submitters with links to their videos.  If you entered and don’t see your name there with the correct link, please be in touch asap and we’ll make sure we fix it.

Come to the Rachel Goodrich in-store Saturday night at Sweat and we’ll announce the winner at the show!  We’ll post the winner on this blog on Saturday (not Friday, sorry!) after the event.  See you there!


24 thoughts on “Rachel Goodrich Contest Entries List

  1. Hey it’s been two days now. How about telling us who won? I mean seriously, we all worked hard to film your stupid song. The least you could do is announce the winner. This is the most unprofessional, uncoordinated, ridiculous competition I’ve ever been a part of. Shame on you for making people wait like this Rachel. Seriously, this false advertising bullshit is completely uncalled for.

  2. I completely agree with JJ — although his words are a little harsh. I’m sorry we couldn’t all come to your concert to find out the winner there Rachel but we’re not all so lucky to live in Miami. Maybe if you gave us $500 before hand we’d come. It’s gotta be what 2 ‘clock there? Roll outta bed already & post the winner!

  3. …and the winner is…………

    Hey guys, what do you mean with “We’ll post the winner on this blog on Saturday after the event”. Just a remainder, today is sunday and nobody, outside of Miami, knows who the winner is.

    I live in Orlando, and I plan to go to Rachel concert next Tuesday, but all depends of the seriousness of this competition. It’s really good and fun to create a fan base making this kind of competition, but is sad to destroy the campaign not announcing the winner on the blog at the right moment.

  4. I’m not trying to start anything or make any false assumptions, but I think the winner is polyethyleneguy because that video was posted on Rachel Goodrich’s MySpace page. That’s not set in stone, but why would she post that video if it wasbn’t the winner?

  5. well, the link provided by dd says very clear, the winner is Lucas Leyva… Congrats, good job. It was in my list of possible winners, it’s a really good one. We, the participannts, should know from Sweat Records, not from other sources. What’s the video posted on Rachel’s myspae page, one of the entries, another winner… it’s confusing. The audience is confused, that’s no the way to do a fan list, it’s an opportunity, and you guys are screwing it. Thanks to DS for the notice.

  6. Congratulations to Lucas Leyva. Apparently, (according to the link posted by dd above) he was the music video contest winner. No offense, but I thought that this music video was a little inappropriate to win, but hey they chose what they liked!Personally, I thought anyone would win over this particular video. Congratulations anyway.

  7. It’s hard to believe that the genius of the video by Abletales was not recognized by all the creative people running this competition.
    It was not even shown to the fans who came to the concert at Sweat Records.
    Read the comments posted on youtube. It is still getting hits from all over the world. It is being compared to Magical Mystery Tour.
    A tremendous creative opportunity has been squandered.

  8. The above post is definitely over dramatic. They were looking for something out of the ordinary. Notice how many videos just had kids/young people running around? The video you praise so much fits this stereotype. Nothing truly original was found there. The winner went against what is expected and though it fits the cliche of many rap videos, it was different than the rest. This could be said about other entries too, but these guys were lucky and won. The video with the pinata was good too. Original story line and definitely different than the rest.

  9. I’m pretty sure polyethyleneguy is the winner. His video is posted on Rachel Goodrich’s myspace. Very well deserved!!! =)

  10. Interesting winner i did not do anything like that cuz the rules said not to. If i had know that you would be interested in soft porn then i may have gone that direction. But this has been good for me i can honestly say this has been the largest FAIL of a video contest organizationally as well as judging by the rules you posted ever. i am sad i wasted my time following rules just to be screw over.

  11. I was there last night and I think they did the contest right- They picked 3 winners- the most original, the best made, and the most fitting of the song, respectively. AND we got a free Goodrich concert. The event was a huge success.

    b0ndoo758 – I saw your video- you didn’t lose because you followed the rules and got screwed over, you lost because your video sucked balls. Stop hating.

  12. o ok that makes since thanks for tell me i will let you get back to telling people not to hate, then completely contradicting your self and hating on them…

  13. Someone is always going to bitch about not winning. Everyone worked hard but in the end, we all had a good time doing it, got a free
    concert and put something creative out there for the world to see. No need to complain.

    You also have to take into consideration what is the most marketable video. I think it was well-deserved. Original and funny, so congrats. 🙂

    Also really enjoyed the piñata vid and the clown vid (cafeteriafilms), so props to them as well.

  14. I am really offended that the Lucas Leyva video won. It was offensive and not at all in concert with the song. I think Rachel will lose a lot of fan base when people see what is representing her work. I totally agree with the above comment from Rod that the judges totally overlooked the true artistic value of Abeltales video… those guys had a real handle on the song and the art form… they have the most views on youtube and the most insightful comments.

  15. I think the Lucas Leyva one was pretty funny. The thugs where great. I also think the pinata was a great video . However, I would like to point out how terrible the video with the pedophile bear was. Third place should of definitely gone to the abletales video. It has the most you-tube hits and has a magical mystery tour feel to it.

  16. everyone needs to calm down, people are taking things to a dramatic level here. I think the hip hop video was really thinking outside of the box. Glad to see that video was selected. If you take the time to look at it over again it took the song in a whole new direction. The piñata was good, but I thought it was a short film, not a music video but still good. And to answer Sammy’s comment above, you’re an idiot. It’s obvious you worked on the abletales video. The bear one blew abletales out of the water like the rest of the winners beat out that vid. Get over it, we all participated and didn’t win. Stupid videos have more hits on YouTube then any of these videos, doesn’t mean they’re winners. I’m glad with what the judges picked. It was fun to be a part of the contest and concert. good job rachel and sweat!

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