Miami All-Stars Help Haiti!

Listen to this… DJ Le Spam and the Allstars crew have assembled some of Miami’s best musicians to make a collaborative song and video to benefit Haiti earthquake relief!  Everyone involved donated their time to make this beautiful music happen.

“Song For Haiti” by City Of Progress is available to download from the Spam Allstars website for $1 or $5 and 100% of proceeds go to Project Medishare.

The track features Nil Lara, Cleaveland Jones, Raffa, Rachel Goodrich and members of her band, B Rob of ANR, members of Locos Por Juana, Haitian artists Jan Sebon and Jude Papaloko, Jesse Jackson, and more.  Watch the video below and go download the song today!

8 thoughts on “Miami All-Stars Help Haiti!

  1. Just over a month ago, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake – over 2 million desperately in need of food assistance to rebuild their lives. The World Food Programme was there before the quake, and they’ll be there afterwards. If you want to help you should go to: or text FRIENDS to 90999 to make a $5 donation.

  2. wonderful. beautiful. powerful. i wouldve loved to participate in this. please keep me in mind for future reference.

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