Viva Vinyl! Sweat Reps Wax on PBS

The other night Sweat Records was featured on PBS’ esteemed Nightly Business Report show in a piece about the resurgence of vinyl!  We’re beyond happy to be representing for records and if you haven’t been by the shop lately, we’ve expanded our new LP section by about double over the last month.

Watch the video below and come by Sweat to peruse all the vinyl goodies for yourself!

6 thoughts on “Viva Vinyl! Sweat Reps Wax on PBS

  1. That is so awesome! Congrats on the feature :o) I loved how they showed the Primal Strips haha. I had no idea there was a pressing plant in my own backyeard! I can’t wait to come in and pick up some more stuff from you guys; especially the vegan cupcakes!

  2. first of all, congrats. Second, vinyl will never die, just like film for movies — there’s just nothing like the sound of vinyl. The bass especially shines on wax.

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