Ana Mendez’ TRIBUTE To Joe Meek Wed. 2/3

Don’t be fooled by Ana Mendez‘ tiny stature, she is a huge force of energy. She’s been performing and choreographing cutting-edge dance pieces around Miami for years and has a new show coming up on Wednesday that’s an homage to the life and death of legendary music producer Joe Meek!

Meek pioneered tons of studio techniques still used today and had a tumultuous life to say the least (you can read more about all that here).  He inspired everyone from Frank Black to Matmos, and Wednesday a TRIBUTE will be paid to him. His spirit will be evoked in a 30 minute performance of “absurd gesture and spatial exploration” by Ana and her all-male cast (including Psychic Youth, Inc. members artist Federico Nessi, Alex Puentes and Ricardo Guerrero from Animals Of The Arctic, Rick Diaz of hahahelp! and more), soundtracked by a custom reworking of Meek’s groundbreaking “I Hear A New World” by sound installation artist Richard Vergez, and featuring video-based scenic elements by Carlos Ascurra of Viking Funeral.

After the performance stay for live sets by Harry Merry (Netherlands), The Electric Bunnies, and Dino Felipe.  To sum it up, this is going to be insanely cool and you’d be a fool to pass it up, so go!  Full fliers and info after the jump.