CONTEST: Make A Rachel Goodrich Music Video + Win $500!

Hey filmmakers – we’re excited to announce a new nationwide contest! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to create a new video for “Light Bulb” by local all-star Rachel Goodrich.  She’s been touring all over, had the song used in a national Crayola commercial and is making waves with her shake-a-billy sound but she needs more videos!

Listen to the track and hopefully little light bulbs of inspiration will be hovering over your heads… Then animate it, act it, or otherwise create some visual accompaniment for the song.  When you’re all done, just upload it to YouTube, tag it Rachel Goodrich, Light Bulb, Miami, and Sweat Records, and then send the link to

Deadline for all entries is February 17th. The winning video will be announced on the blog Friday, February 19th. The winner will receive $500 and a premiere of the video at Sweat Records when Rachel plays an acoustic in-store on February 20th! Not to mention getting your work viewed and enjoyed by thousands of people on the ‘net.

Now, download the song below and make Rachel a masterpiece (or just download it and enjoy a free track!)

DOWNLOAD: Rachel Goodrich – Light Bulb MP3

33 thoughts on “CONTEST: Make A Rachel Goodrich Music Video + Win $500!

  1. So no joke, I totally just covered this song not knowing of the contest. Is that ok if it is my version of the song?

  2. 500 bucks? lol. Jesus Christ, Hell, i guess- take advantage of the recession, why not? Everyone’s more desperate for cash. Next time at least, at the very least-$1000. come on, we’re not that stupid. good luck getting the video you need.

  3. #


    Hey Vic, here is our tiny violin. We’ve looked around sites like and while some huge companies like Binaca offer $7,500 to make them a corporate sales ad, there are many contests that offer either nothing or less than $500. We think it’s great to offer an incentive to create something on behalf of a local artist, and so far we’ve heard from a lot of people who are working on video because they are inspired by the music and not just trying to make money. It’s up to you which contests you decide to enter so don’t hate, just start thinking of ways to sell that breath spray.

  4. hahaha. right on. right on. i love the violin. like i said, best of luck–thanx for the response, laughed my as$ off. actually told a couple ppl, and it seems you may have a couple more contestants. so i hope u can hear me through the foot in my mouth, but keep on grindin’.


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