BassHead’s Birthday Bass Battle With B. Rich

Guaranteed madness this Thursday at (((SHAKE)))!!! We’re celebrating the birthings of two of Miami’s favorite Aquarians, JUAN BASSHEAD and MR. FEATHERS. This Birthday Bass Battle Extravaganza features B. RICH (Party Like Us, Palms Out Sound) coming down from Pittsburgh, TRILL BASS with MC RICKY RAW from the ATL, WRECK, DISIDENTE + Get Low spitter MC JUMANJI.

Here’s some live footage of B. RICH in Cali to get you ready:

Expect surprise appearances and performances by people and creatures we can’t even speak of, a Rave Roast of the Birthday boys, and a Head Shaving Ceremony to rid Juan of his lovely locks.

We’re also getting down for good friend David “Thug Jesus” Tomargo’s Bday!

$1 Colt 45 til 11, Grilled goodies, video games + $5 Cuba Libre all night! All this, plus the (((SHAKE))) DJs DOORMOUSE, A-TRAIN + ALEX CASO doing their jobs as you should. RSVP to for free admission before 11.

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