5 thoughts on “2010 Coachella Lineup!

  1. I’m so down to go. You guys should try to gather people in Miami, to split a hotel room or something. I’ll be willing to do that.

  2. HOLY FREEKIN SNIKEEES!!! Now that’s a lineup. And I thought Bonnaroo ’09 could never be beat. Looks like Im gonna have to see for myself again… =)

  3. Tiesto?? Strange. Anyhoo, that weekend is also Sweat’s 5-year anniversary and Record Store Day 2010! So for all the Miamians not planning to head Indio-wise, we’ll be having a big local bash with some of South Florida’s best music. Prepare for Sweatstock!

  4. Crazy lineup… wish I could get to the other side of the country! That Sweat 5 yr. anni sounds like a really good backup plan in case that doesnt pan out though!

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