A Special Casa De Ha-Ha Tuesday!

Rolling into the new decade, we are excited to embark upon another year of our popular monthly stand-up comedy showcase: CASA DE HA-HA!

Your favorite indie record store is magically transformed into an underground comedy club as your host Daniel Reskin brings you some of South Florida’s funniest.

This month’s Casa is extra-awesome because the nice people behind the South Beach Comedy Festival have given us FREE TICKETS to giveaway to several of the sure-to-be gut-busting shows coming up the week after next!  Arrive at Casa in a timely fashion, enter to win, and YOU could score free tickets to see Brian Regan, Aziz Ansari, Jon LaJoie, Joe Rogan, or The Daily Show and Friends!!!!

Watch below – this is a video Aziz and friends made for the 2006 Plug Awards that we can’t help but love, filmed at the excellent Other Music in NYC:

RSVP here and see you Tuesday!


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