Darth Stewie Invades Miami

Tomorrow night at The Vagabond come out for an awesome free party featuring a massive inflatable rendering of your favorite psychopathic gay baby decked out in full Star Wars regalia!  The 45-foot-tall parade balloon of DARTH STEWIE from Family Guy will be tethered to the club tomorrow night!


We hear there are going to be Storm Troopers as well, plus tons of awesome music with DJ sets by Ladytron, Hollywood Holt, FIGO, and locals extraordinaire Ray Milian, Ryan Evans, Obi, Johnny The Boy and Team Rojas!

To celebrate we’re giving away a Family Guy prize pack – comment below to win a copy of the “Something Something Something Dark Side” DVD (available December 22nd) and a limited edition poster!  Leave your full name and email, and we’ll use the randomizer to pick a winner tomorrow at 3pm.

As we said the event is totally FREE, just click the flier below to RSVP!


10 thoughts on “Darth Stewie Invades Miami

  1. Darth Stewie !! The Vag will never be the same… watch your back, he just might drop his diaper from above and get you with his laser farts or squash you with him mighty darth poop….

  2. A huge Darth Stewie floating in the sky.. effing awesome! So awesome that I made a Darth Doody. I sithed my pants. My diaper’s gone over to the darkside. I got pages of these, I could go on. ;]

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