Animal Tropical “Waterbed City” Video

Animal Tropical (say it Miami style: ahh-nee-mahl trow-pee-cahl) are one of the best and most underrated bands in the whole damn city.  Formerly the Down Home Southernaires and jazz-rockers Pygmy before that, these four talented and well-dressed gentlemen make some of the most uniquely weird but listenable music around.  Read nice things other people had to say about them here.

Below is the first video from their latest EP “Doom Years” which is available right now at Sweat Records for just $5.  The video is by band member Jorge Rubiera who is also ANR‘s touring drummer and a director in his own right. We’ll be premiering more of their videos right here in the coming weeks.  There are boobies, so consider this vid NSFW:

P.S. You’ll be able to catch Animal Tropical live at an upcoming date at Fridays at The Vagabond – we’ll let you know soon!