BOOSH-A-Thon #2 Next Monday!

If you still haven’t heard of The Mighty Boosh yet, we can see why…  It was originally on BBC Three (which most of us don’t get over here), and is broadcast late at night in the US on Adult Swim.  So, that’s why we’re bringing you huge doses of BOOSH at Sweat Records!

We’ll be playing Season 2 (from 2005) starting at 8pm.  Meet freaks like Kodiak Jack, demonic grandma Nanatoo, The Hitcher, coconut companion Milky Joe and everyone’s favorite – transsexual merman and Bailey’s aficionado Old Gregg.

If this all sounds bizarre, it is.  But it’s also brilliant, filled with hilarious gags, cheeky pop culture references and lots of music.  The screening is free of course so we hope you’ll join us!