“HEADZ” In-Store Reading Tonight

Tonight at Sweat in honor of Book Fair week is a local literary event! Miami author and writing professor John “J.J.” Colagrande Jr. recently published his debut novel HEADZ, a “literary journey covering music festivals and contemporary counterculture.”  A summary:

Thelonious Horowitz is the next big thing, the Bob Dylan of his times, and he’s feeling uninspired. In the past, traveling to music festivals always lifted his spirits. With his band playing a gig in a few days, he decides to leave New York to venture to Oracledang, the biggest and baddest musical festival of the summer. A diverse cast of ten characters, living in New York, Miami, and San Francisco, round out the novel. In the novel, everyone comes together at the music festival in Chicago, where paths converge for a summer event none of the characters will soon forget, and a show few will get to see.

Read more about the book here, come to Sweat tonight at 8pm for the reading and pick up a copy!

PhotobucketThe author in his element.

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