Watch This: Morphologic on ArtStreet

Our good friends Colin Foord and Jared McKay of Morphologic Studios were recently profiled on WLRN’s ArtStreet!

Watch the video below, read this great interview with them on Artlurker, and bookmark Morphologic’s fascinating blog where they post gorgeous underwater photos, new species they’ve come across (!) and other fun science/art/music-related tidbits. You can also peep their Vimeo channel and follow them on Twitter.

Having one of their tanks at Sweat Records for the past two years has been a wonderful education for us in corals and marine life, and has made us wholeheartedly agree that Miami could use an excellent public aquarium space so that everyone has access to these graceful, misunderstood and endangered species.

We have no doubt that Morphologic are going to be a huge force in art and conservation down here for years to come.

2 thoughts on “Watch This: Morphologic on ArtStreet

  1. Also worth noting – the video is narrated by the lovely Jessica Gross, stand-up comedian and resident performer at Sweat’s own Casa de Ha-Ha.

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