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[Note: Bob Anonymous is a person who for job-related reasons needs to keep their identity undisclosed.  We welcome a rebuttal or endorsement from Regalado’s camp if they would like to put their two cents in. -ed.]

Early voting has begun for the Mayor of Miami race, with tomorrow – Tuesday, November 3rd – as the official voting day.  Most people are not even aware that a race is taking place and few know anything about the candidates.  As a resident in the City of Miami I don’t think I’ve seen a more important election.

The current candidates are Commission Chair Joe Sanchez and Commissioner Tomas Regalado.  Mr. Regalado has positioned himself as the opposition candidate.  He had opposed parks and culture (Museum Park), he has opposed mass transit (Miami streetcar), he has opposed pedestrianism and livable communities (Miami 21and the tunnel to get semi trucks out of downtown).  In a recent Miami Herald article even Regalado’s supporters claim he has no vision for Miami, and he claims he doesn’t see Miami as a metropolis.

Mr. Sanchez has been an advocate of many of these projects because they make Miami a better city and provide jobs, which have been hit hard since the construction of condos slowed.  Mr. Sanchez has not only been a vote for making Miami great, but he has also lead through advocacy.  His chairmanship on the Green Commission led him to an active role in helping to make Miami more sustainable.  His leadership as the chairman of the Downtown Development Agency made him a leader in developing downtown into one the burgeoning metropolis it is today.  Joe started Viernes Culturales (Little Havana’s Cultural Fridays) to highlight the culture of Calle Ocho, and it’s been ongoing for several years.  During his campaign he’s also had several campaign parties at Transit Lounge.

Miami has a lot of problems and your vote for Joe Sanchez can put us on the right path to fixing them.  Please vote early, and vote for Joe Sanchez #81.  You can read more about Joe at

5 thoughts on “Vote For Miami Mayor

  1. Sanchez also had a campaign truck blocking rear-end traffic on critical mass. That’s what I call good lookin out.

  2. You better make sure all Sweatheads to get off their booties and go vote. More importantly they need to convince their abuelos why they should vote for Sanchez instead of Regalado.

    Don’t ever forget Regalado gave the keys to the city to Pitbull. That should be enough not to vote for them.

  3. Thats fair?!
    Come on on November 2nd you post this? Plenty of time for the Regalado Camp to rebuttal. Come on.

  4. Hi Anon,

    This wasn’t something we planned way in advance, it just happened. There’s a magical tool out there called “google” which will let you research facts and decide for yourself.

    No one ever said free speech had to be executed in a timely fashion…

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