New Miami Music Fest Wants YOU

Calling all bands, artists, singers and music-makers:

There’s a new music-oriented festival coming to town, creatively named the Miami Music Festival.


They’re currently taking applications so if you’ve got $35 you can submit your act to perform at their post-Basel weekend of music events.  From their site:

To perform at the Miami Music Festival, artists must complete the online application and submit a $35 fee to be considered for showcase participation. is the official application submission partner and a sponsor of The Miami Music Festival. Those who apply automatically receive a free 6 month membership to Broadjam.

Festival venues offer some sound equipment, however, artists are encouraged to bring their own equipment. Once selected to perform, venue information will be made available to artists.

All performance applications must be received no later than October 15, 2009. All artists selected to perform will be notified by November 1, 2009. If artists applying to perform are not selected, the Festival will issue a $35 credit toward one conference badge or one three-day wristband.

Good luck everyone!

6 thoughts on “New Miami Music Fest Wants YOU

  1. A music festival that charges $35 for applications that will be taken up until October 15 and the event is held in December. This is another classic case of someone(s) trying to make a bunch of money off of unsigned artists.

  2. This is fairly typical for modern music festivals (I can’t even imagine how much SXSW takes in from band application fees). In our opinion a new festival like this shouldn’t charge that much, but we’re putting it out there regardless for those that want to apply.

  3. SXSW (the biggest music conference/showcase event of its kind) charges $40. SXSW had a deadline of around November for applications for an event that takes place in March. To charge $35 for a first time event where there won’t be any national press and no real labels is a joke. Let’s be honest here. How many labels are actually going to make it to this event? Even the FMF in Orlando, which has been going on for several years still only attracts maybe 3 or 4 label A&R people and they only go to see the bands that they’re told to go see by the FMF folks. It might be promoted, but basically, you’re playing for free and it’s not likely that any press outside of Miami Herald, New Times, Sun Sentinel/City Link will see you. Maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll get some Palm Beach press. As far as labels? Forget it. That just isn’t going to happen. They should be charging $10 at the MOST for band applications and they should have done so at least 4-6 weeks ago for an event that is happening in December. Chances are that the lamest of local bands will apply and the better ones won’t bother. Of course, some bands will be asked to play without having to apply… Spam, Suenalo, Rachel Goodrich, ANR. If the MMF people know what they’re doing, they’ll be trying to book those four acts. Thanks for posting though. Sweat rocks.

  4. Good luck getting any of the bands mentioned in the previous post to play at this for free. You get what you pay for!

  5. I heard Coffeehouse Gypsies might play MMF. I’ll go just to see them. They played a few shows last fall with Spam Allstars, Jahfe, and Locos Por Juana. The four bands together showcased the Miami and the diversity of musical styles we have here quite nicely. Between the four of them it was like putting rock, Latin-fusion, and Caribean, all on one plate. Very representative of what we are here in Miami. And they are all very talented. It was good band after good band after good band.

    I wanted to go to see CHG play in New York but I couldn’t. I did, however, get to see them play 4th of July in Tampa. And I got invited to go hang out with the band and some guys from The Crowbar venue after the show and we all partied till sun-up. It was awesome.

    I really hope they get Spam to play the MMF, but if they don’t I will still go for The Coffeehouse Gypsies.

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