The Debut + Record Release of the Miami Bass Warriors!

An event of epic proportions can only be described thus:

“The year 2,000,000 B.C., the time: the future, the place: Miami. Armed with swords and glory the Miami Bass Warriors have crash landed to save us from danger. Otto Von Schirach, José el Rey, Debbie D (from Avenue D) and El Tigre, come together like bistec y papa fritas and satisfy your instinctual needs. From the Little Havana Anthem “Going Back to Calle Ocho” to the pop locking “Breakfire” they were born for Bass. Low. Loud. Lovely.”

Obviously you can not afford to miss the MIAMI BASS WARRIORS debut show Thursday Sept 24th which will also be the official release party for their new album. They’ll be joined by some of Miami’s finest; BASSIDE, DANCETASY + the TM SISTERS for this special occasion. Read the Miami Herald’s Top Music Story, and we’ll see you at (((SHAKE)))