Weekend In Review: GC + FCF

What a weekend!  The Glass Candy show Friday night at The Vagabond was PHENOMENAL.  We could talk about it all night but the New Times wrote a glowing review on their site that sums up the vibe of the night pretty perfectly, check it out.

Ida and Johnny had a great time and were thrilled that the Miami audience knew all the words to the songs.   Glass Candy live really are something else, but if you still don’t have their amazing album “B/E/A/T/B/O/X” or their new “Geto Boys” 12″, we bought a ton of merch from them so come to the shop!  GC also said they will definitely be back down to Miami in the future, perhaps as part of a bigger tour with some of their Italians Do It Better cohorts…

Speaking of the future… the Future Classic Festival was massive!  We live-tweeted the event and had a great time selling Sweat’s wares to awesome people who appreciate vinyl, toys, CDs, books, vegan cupcakes and earplugs.

Photobucket(Me w/ Sweat’s cute mini-store, photo from Metromix)

There was tons of local love in the room with representation from Miami artists, musicians, DJs, break dancers, and beyond, plus friends and fans showing up to support.  The South Korean Gamblerz b-boy crew was insanely awesome and everyone seemed to be having a great time.  In spite of a few scheduling issues (and perhaps too few restrooms) the whole thing was impressive, so huge props to Mihai and the Contagious Musiq crew for pulling off such a tremendous feat.  Hopefully we’ll see another Future Classic Festival in…the future!