Bad Brilliance Meets Miami

This Saturday night at the Bas Fisher Invitational, NYC multi-media artist BAD BRILLIANCE (aka Andrew Strasser) debuts his first South Florida show!

Some of you may have seen a man in a red suit with a 7-foot-tall yellow balloon head popping up at The Vagabond, the streets of South Beach, the Iggy party many other places… He’s been studying us Miamians intently and you’ll get his perspective Saturday night, we’ve seen some of the pics and they’re incredible. Btw, if his work seems familiar it’s because Andrew did the covers for all the Girl Talk albums!

Watch the video below and check out the show on your Gallery Walk!

“Bad Brilliance in Miami Featuring the Faces of the People He Met There” opens Saturday night, 7-10pm at the Bas Fisher Invitational, 180 NE 39th St. Suite 210