“Yoga For IDM Lovers” Tonight

IDwhat?  IDM is sort of a silly term (it stands for “intelligent dance music”) sometimes used to describe a wide array of electronic sounds that range from experimental to danceable to ambient and beyond.

It started in the UK but in case ya hadn’t heard, Miami is one of the few US cities that has always had a strong connection and scene for this kind of electronic music, with the world-renowned Schematic label based here, WVUM’s “Electric Kingdom” show that’s been running for years, local star Otto Von Schirach, the experimental Subtropics festival and more!  Thanks to that from high school on I got to see amazing rare shows like Autechre, Orbital, Matmos, and all the local players many times over.

Photobucket(This won’t happen to you if you do your yoga right!)

Since we are relaxing tonight, expect the tunes to lean in the ambient direction!  From instructor Fernando:

This weeks Sweaty Yoga at Sweat Records is themed “Yoga for IDM Lovers!” Come and hear ambient snippets of Phoenecia, Richard Devine, Otto Von Shirach, Autechre and Plaid in a way you’ve never heard before! As always, the music is a backdrop for a relaxing, gentle series of poses intended for beginners looking to open themselves physically, creatively.

Bring a mat and a towel and we’ll see you tonight!

Sweaty Yoga is Thursdays from 7.30 to 8.45pm, $5

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  1. oh man! i wish i saw this before it happened, i love this idea as much as the first time i heard aphex twin!

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