DUB WAR in Miami

Thursday, August 27th a great battle of bass will be waged during (((SHAKE))) when Joe Nice declares Dub War on Get Low. Baltimore’s Joe Nice is known as the US Ambassador of dubstep to the rest of the world, playing legendary parties like DMZ in the UK. He is the founder of New York’s biggest dubstep party, Dub War, which has been going since 2005. You can also catch him on the radio every Tuesday night at Gourmet Beats, but you really have to see his high energy live show to feel his big-time stage presence!

Here’s what we mean by that…

Miami Dubstep will be represented by Juan Basshead, Otto von Schirach, Joel the Hutt and the Bassmakers Trip1 and Secondhand Smoke. Our Masters of Ceremonies Jumanji and The Nome will be holding it down like champions. Heavy bass bombs will be hitting the dancefloor all night, so be safe and Get Low. The Vagabond doors at 10, and you can get in FREE til 11 with RSVP to SHAKE305@GMAIL.COM!

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It’s also a very special occasion this night, as our homeboy Slim Biscayne aka Dominic Sirianni celebrates his Birthday! (((SHAKE)))’s expert Point Man will be doing it big on the Patio with a special Rockers Vs Bros featuring Pool Party, The Secondhand Outfit, Bleubird, NameBrand and The Poem Depot. All while Junk Roxxx does a killer Get Low mural! Wear your flippie floppies, your water wings, and do your job!

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