Get your Borscht Shake this Thursday

It’s delicious, really. This Thursday, July 30th Sweat has your night all planned out for you. Early on, if you’re not doing Sweaty Yoga, your destination is the Wynwood Social Club for the Borscht Film Festival Fundraiser. It’s a great festival and they need some funds to make sure the films come out professionaI. And we want professional as these films will be representing our fair city. They have the perfect description on their facebook invite, “The Borscht Film Festival showcases and commissions the work of local filmmakers under 30 telling Miami stories for an international audience. We’re trying to blow this city up and let the world know there’s a lot more to us than South Beach and blow.” Amen to that.

You can call 305-433-5848 for details on how to get into the super exclusive VIP Reception taking place from 6-8 PM. Everyone else can stop by from 8-10 to meet this year’s filmmakers and learn about their projects, take a sneak peek at upcoming films, and witness the unveiling of the new psychogeographic map of Miami. All while sipping on free CCCV (Rum and Jupina, as well as the Roman numeral for 305) and listening to Afrobeta live! Suggested Donation is only $10 for all this good stuff, and you get to go home with a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Orrrr, finish your night at (((SHAKE))) and get even warmer and fuzzier! Your Borscht wristband earns you a free walk through The Vagabond doors. The $1 Colt 45s flow til Midnight and the CCCV drink is $5 all night. Plus grilled eats, nintendo, quart chugging, and party rocking by Doormouse, A-Train, DS, Keen One, Jose el Rey + Ray Milian doing a rare freestyle set!

Thursday will also be your chance to hear The Miami Bass Warriors new record played over club speakers for the first time ever! Come get some bragging rights and don’t miss this listening party. The album release performance will be announced soon 😉

Your agenda is set. Enjoy your Borscht Shake.

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  1. Sorry if my liberties with terms made it sound weird, al. The actual wording on the flyer is “to inquire about special VIP Reception.” If you call the number you’ll find out why. I don’t believe we should jump to indie snob kneejerk reactions of judging something as “South Beach.” peace J

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