Tom Laroc VJ Performance @ (((SHAKE)))

Tomorrow night at The Vagabond we have a big time guest coming to (((SHAKE))) with us! Celebrity DJ Tom Laroc plans to bring down the house with his interactive video/DJ performance.  If you’re wondering where the “celebrity” comes from, this man’s worked with the best in hip hop from Run-D.M.C to Tribe Called Quest to Nas to Jay Z and many more.  Did I mention the intro for his myspace is by Too Short?   Yeah, dope.  Here he is with the late, great Biggie Smalls (who’s also on the Sweat mural!)

He joins Doormouse, A-Train, Alex Caso, Keen One, DS keeping hip hop alive while mixing in some Miami bass, reggae, funk, rock + soul for the best party you can get on the weekly. Get here during the Dirty Hour from 10-11 and get $1 Colt 45 (plus a shot of Jager for $7), no cover, and your chance to win the brand new (((SHAKE))) shirts designed by Junk Roxxx. You know you want one! Until then, here’s a little “Champion Sound” video work from our guest.