Casa de Hot-Hot

No Casa this month.


Because it’s not easy to laugh when you’ve got SWAMP-ASS.

What is swamp-ass?  Hm, you must be new to the area.  Well, imagine the beauty of our beloved Everglades swamplands.  Moist, squishy and teeming with life.  Now transpose that whole steamy mess betwixt the cheeks of your booty.  Violà!

If things are still sweaty at Sweat next month, the show must go on.  In tradition of the human spirit, we will adapt.

Casa de Ha-Ha will become Casa de Hot-Hot!  Like a phoenix or some crap.

You will be wearing your beach clothes!
There will be hot pizza and ice cold sodas for cheap!
Maybe a booby will fall out, who knows?!

See you at there!  Mark your calendars for August 11th at 8.30pm and get ready to laugh your (hopefully) non-swampy ass off…

1 thought on “Casa de Hot-Hot

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