Temporary Summer Hours

Dear Sweat patrons,

We are about to sign on the dotted line for a ridiculously powerful new AC system.  Until then however, the temperature inside the store has been reaching over 90 frickin’ degrees and it’s just too hot to think, shop or do just about anything in there.  Sometimes we forget that we essentially live in a swamp, but boy oh boy have we have been reminded.

That said, until our new AC is installed, Sweat will only be open in the evening hours from 5pm to 10pm Monday through Saturday.  We might even close more than that depending on the weather (how Mary Poppins of us…) so feel free to call first at 305.342.0953.

Thanks for your patience and understanding and double thanks to people who’ve made donations toward the AC.  We can’t wait to get this done!

Lolo + Jsin

P.S. When we are open, our iced teas and lattes are indeed the bomb!

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