Has It Really Been 10 Years?

Weekly club night Poplife celebrates it’s 10th year tomorrow night at The White Room with a live performance by Atlanta’s SNOWDEN.  I was thinking – 10 years already?  Sure enough, my first regular DJ gig was at Poplife when it was at Picadilly Garden in the Design District (which turned into The District which turned into what is now Pacific Time).  I was 17 (!) then and I turn 27 next week.

Here’s a little throwback picture of yours truly on the decks at Picadilly in 1999.  My hair wasn’t even hot pink or orange or red then but you can see the color waiting to burst out!

PhotobucketThe CD on the table is Bruce Haack’s “Listen, Compute, Rock Home” for all the nerds wondering.

If you go the doors are at 10pm and the cover is $20.  10 years of anything in Miami is an accomplishment so congrats!

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