Serge Gainsbourg was, to put it simply, a bad-ass in every way possible.  There’s no real English-language counterpart for him, but mix together a little Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan, etc. and you might be getting close.

He was a French singer, songwriter, actor, author and composer, but also an inciter of controversy, a fashion icon, pervert, unapologetic alcoholic, bedder of the most beautiful women of the time (only Marianna Faithful famously turned him down) and a beloved national treasure.  He did disco, rock and reggae before it was popular and influenced everyone from Bowie to Beck.  He’s also the least-recognizable figure on Sweat’s “Wall of Idolatry” mural… until now!

Come to Sweat Monday night for a tribute to all things Gainsbourg!  We’ll be having the official listening party for his 1971 epic orchestral rock concept album “Histoire De Melody Nelson” which was only released in the US for the first time EVER last month!  There will be a drawing to win your very own copy too!

Not only that, but since it’s Movie Monday, we’ll be playing super rare, high-quality DVD footage from his 4 decades of musical output including his French TV special with Brigitte Bardot, promos, interviews and more.

The fête starts Monday night at 8pm and of course is FREE!