Roll Call: Andrew Hevia

[In addition to posts by Lolo and Jsin, the Sweat Blog is adding a few other Miami voices to the mix.  Please welcome our latest, Miami filmmaker Andrew Hevia.]


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Please state your name for the record:
My name is Andrew Hevia.

What do you do here in Miami and for how long?
I am a filmmaker. This means I’m currently living off my day job as an editor at WLRN-PBS, the TV channel that too few of you watch. I run the new media operations for ArtStreet, WLRN’s show about the local art community, and I produce TV segments about emerging artists, musicians and entrepreneurs in the 305. I am also Captain of Production for the Borscht Flim Festival (that’s not a typo), an annual cinematic exhibition for local filmmakers. I grew up in Miami but left for college. I returned home about two years ago.

What do you love the most about Miami?
I’ve always felt the greatest thing about Miami is that its a new city with more promise and potential than has been realized. To quote a friend, “It’s like the MotherF@^&!ng Wild West!” We’re all panning for gold and sooner or later, we’ll find it. Here in Miami, I have the opportunity to shape this city in a way I could never imagine anywhere else.

And the plug, favorite item you’ve bought at Sweat Records:
My most favorite purchase? Easy. Issue #5 of Wholphin, the DVD Magazine of Rare and Unseen Short Films. It’s a fantastic compilation of bizarre and amazing films that’s unlike anything I’ve found anywhere else in Miami. Its a shame so few people know about Wholphin but kudos to Sweat for making it available.