Fresh Batches of Books, Toys + Used LPs

Just in at Sweat:

BOOKS! Some awesome new titles from Last Gasp.  We’ve got the new volume from Hi-Fructose, the Daniel Johnston book, Exupery’s classic “The Little Prince,” the Sublime Stitching compendium and their individual themed hip embroidery patterns (Lucha Libre! Vegas!), AND the wonderful new Mark Ryden “Tree Show” postcard sets!

TOYS! Friends With You’s “Luckies” zipper pulls and the new 14″ Frank Kozik plush Labbits with mustaches!


(Don’t you wanna just take him home?)

RECORDS! Pre-loved LPs and 12″s by Yello, Sparks, Jah Wobble, Afrika Bambaataa and a ton of new wave, disco, house, breaks and BASS.  Stop by and flip through the stacks, we probably put out 200 more records today.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.