In Stock: Sweet & Sara Vegan Mallows!

Omg omg omg.  This weekend we got another super fresh shipment from the amazing Sweet & Sara Bakery in NYC!  Their signature vegan marshmallows have received worldwide acclaim by everyone from Martha Stewart on down and were even voted “Product of The Year” in VegNews Magazine.

Now some of you maybe be asking “WTF, why would a fluffy, innocent marshmallow not be veg?” Well, all regular marshmallows are made with gelatin which literally comes from cow hooves and other icky animal sources.  100% of the treats Sweat carries are vegan and Sweet & Sara’s are no different.

We are the ONLY place to score these in South Florida, and that said we now have in stock…

Boxes of Vanilla Marshmallows
(perfect for hot cocoa, DIY ‘smores, Rice Krispy Treats, etc.)

Their unbelievable (and huge) ‘Smores

The fantastic NEW Rocky Road Bark with organic dark chocolate + almonds!!

So stop by Sweat and grab some before the staff eats it all.  Only half-joking…