Free Local Tunes: Afrobeta Mixtape!

Howdy Sweaters,

We’re continuing with our promise to give you FREE local music with an exciting promo-only release!  Afrobeta are one of the most requested local artists at Sweat Records, but they don’t have a physical release…yet.  In the meantime, you can download the Afrobeta “2009 Mixtape” – a 13-minute mix featuring chill versions of some of their live favorites and other treats!

DOWNLOAD: Afrobeta – 2009 Mixtape MP3

(Remember it might take a while since it’s a massive file, and a quick note to other bloggers: please link to our post and not the file directly – we did actually pay to host it!)

Here’s the cover art too in case you want to print it up and make yourself your very own Afrobeta CD.  Enjoy!


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