Bliss Out with GLISS Friday Night

This Friday at The Vagabond we’re super excited to be bringing in GLISS from LA!  This trio’s sexy, hazy, psychedelic pop sounds remind us of a female-fronted My Bloody Valentine or BRMC.  In their live show they all switch instruments and Billy Corgan was so impressed he took them on tour to open for the Smashing Pumpkins all over Europe. If you wanna get your early listening click the pic below or we also have their brand new album “Devotion Implosion” in at Sweat!


Opening will be local act LIFE OF SEALS who are awesome and totally worth checking out as well.  They played outside in the Garden and floored us in January so this time around they’ll take the stage in the Main Room.  Any band who lists “Brian Wilson, Depeche Mode, Tortoise, M83, Steely Dan, The Mercury Program, MBV and New Order” as their influences is OK by us!

Admission is FREE before 11.  See you Friday!