Marine Stadium Logo Contest

Hey local (visual) artists!

The Friends of Miami Marine Stadium group has out a call for entries to design a new logo for their cause.  The Marine Stadium on Virginia Key is a gorgeous historical/architectural landmark – in the ’60s it was used for powerboat races, symphonies and concerts (The Who played there on a floating stage!) and the FMMS is working to restore the stadium and make it a usable venue once again.

Anyone can enter.  The winner gets $250, plus the satisfaction of branding a big cause.  One of the judges is a graphic artist who’s illustrated comic books for Marvel and DC Comics.  Neat-o!  The deadline is May 2nd so bust our your pens/paper/photoshops and get at it.

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(an illustration of the stadium back in the day)

2 thoughts on “Marine Stadium Logo Contest

  1. When I was about 9 or 10, my class went on a field trip to Planet Ocean, a museum near the Marine Stadium. And on the way back, we stopped there (don’t remember why). Anyway, Disney was putting on a production that night and picked a few of us to be in it. It was pretty neat and I remember going out to buy a new dress just for the show. It makes me sad everytime I see that amazing structure abandoned and covered in graffiti. And I’m glad to see that there’s a group fighting for it to be restored. Thanks for the post, Lolo!

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