Flight Of The Conchords Land In Miami Tomorrow!

Oh snap people – Bret and Jemaine are going to be live in Miami tomorrow night!


I got the chance to see them last May at the Town Hall Theater in NYC and it was hilarious to the point where my abs hurt the next day (we were also sitting behind Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins which was pretty cool). In NYC, Todd Barry (aka the Crazy Dogs’ bongo player) opened up, but at the Miami show, we get Kristen Schaal aka the Conchords’ only fan MEL!!!! If you haven’t seen her series of “Vlogs” related to the show they are a must-watch. Here’s #1

See ya there!

2 thoughts on “Flight Of The Conchords Land In Miami Tomorrow!

  1. Oh my God… I’m so excited for this show!

    That Prancing in the Street pic/album art is hilarious! Is it from this season of the show? I’m so behind!

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