“The Whisperer” This Week at Psychic Tuesdays

I could write and write about how awesome this is going to be and how crazy you’d be to miss it but I’ll let DJ HEALER of Psychic Youth, Inc. tell you instead…

“WEEK ELEVEN.  We have a very very important guest.
Since week one I, DJ Healer, have shared my time at the decks with a dear friend, Bert Rodriguez.  Bert is major figure in the Miami cultural scene and perhaps the most celebrated artist of the moment.  But Bert doesn’t give a shit… he just wants to fucking DJ!!!
So we’re letting him.
This week Psychic Youth, Inc presents:
“In The Hall of Mirrors”
featuring The Whisper (Bert Rodriguez)”


If you don’t know Bert, it doesn’t matter, just know that the music is going to be good.  If you are curious, Bert’s work can be seen here: Minegro.com