Pure Imagination LIVE #7 is Tomorrow!

Always one of our most popular in-stores, the seventh installment of Pure Imagination LIVE is Saturday night at Sweat Records!  Matt Gajewski will read his latest opus with background accompaniment by the Mountain Dew Code Red Terror Alert.  If you STILL haven’t heard the show, you can download every single episode via iTunes or at vangloria.net/pureimagination

And oh yeah, wear a tank-top, because it’s f*#king hot in the store right now.  Details on our “COLD SWEAT” A/C fundraiser coming very, very soon.

2 thoughts on “Pure Imagination LIVE #7 is Tomorrow!

  1. wish we could have been there for the show last night 🙁 even with no air conditioning-especially since it was snowing where we live! You rock Matt 🙂

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