Calling ALL FL Bands: Enter the Florida Grammy Showcase!

Hey you!

Yes, we’re talking to you – every band, solo artist, electronic producer and music-maker in the whole damn state (and Puerto Rico).  The 5th Annual Florida Grammy Showcase is upon us!

This is a great opportunity that not only gets you entered into the Florida Grammy Showcase runnings, but the 2009 Florida Music Festival + Conference as well.

The 6 chosen finalists will perform live in Downtown Orlando to win FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of gear, studio time and more! Not to mention Sweat Records gift certificates…

ALSO, this year we are finally accepting submissions via!

Click the flier to read about it on the official page and enter today! Don’t kick yourself in the ass later for sleeping on this…

The entry deadline is FRIDAY, APRIL 3rd at 5pm!! Click for the official page:


P.S. It’s cheaper for Recording Academy members – if you’re a student membership starts at only $25 and will introduce you to a ton of cool peeps and events in the music industry.