2 thoughts on “Get your Animal Collective Tickets NOW

  1. I tried ticketmaster yesterday and they basically left me with the impression that there were no tickets left. Which I assume serves me right because merriweather post-pavilion took two months to move from “some beach boy harmonies over tribal beats” to something that could bend trees into new contexts. I still contend that Beyonce’s Halo is better than My Girls, as is the original Frankie Knuckles song they reference in the synth line. But, still, good stuff! Also, last time I saw them from across a field and it looked like they were curating Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It looked kind of awesome. I regret not being closer.

  2. Real bummer. I bought a few tickets for Tampa instead. If anyone wants to carpool up that way I’ll chip in a ticket and a little gas money.

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