The new Sweat site is HERE!!

The day has arrived – the new is LIVE!!!!!!

It’s super comprehensive so look around… We’ve got galleries of photos for all 3 locations, the full Cafè menu, a short history of Sweat Records, a page about Fridays at The Vagabond, year-by-year galleries of fliers for nearly EVERY event we’ve ever done and so on. The events page is up-to-date in the current list format but soon it’ll be an interactive calendar with the ability to submit your own events. We will definitely keep you posted on that and other exciting developments we’ve got planned for what we hope will become your go-to web portal for all things indie in Miami and if you have any feedback by all means be in touch!!

Please go check it out and PLEASE pretty please bookmark/subscribe to the blog on the homepage. We’ll be posting several times a week about the new music that’s in at Sweat, upcoming show announcements, contests, ticket and merch giveaways, charts, opportunities for bands, and so much more. We promise it’ll be a worthwhile source of regular information on Miami’s music scene and local happenings.

Onto the week ahead!! Tomorrow is March’s CASA DE HA-HA and you can read a great write up of it here in the New Times. Come out for the funny!!

This Friday at The Vagabond we’ve got a special treat with performances by San Francisco’s LEMONADE and Brooklyn’s HEARTS OF DARKNESSES!! Fans of Chk Chk Chk, the DFA and live 4/4 booty-shaking tunes will love Lemonade’s sound – their new album even got an 8.3 on stingy ol’ Pitchfork…

Also, next Wednesday is the return of ORIGAMI NIGHT WITH SARA at Sweat Records!! Mark your calendars if you wanna get crafty.

Much love,
Lolo, Jsin and the Sweat crew

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