Dear Friends,

What a crazy week for us but it’s all been worth it!! Tomorrow night is the 3rd annual SWEAT STOCKING STUFFER and boy is the store looking better than ever and full of great holiday gifts and goodies!!

Here’s what’s new merch-wise:

*TONS of new records, and new sections to boot!! Snatch up gorgeous, heavy reissues from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, WAY MORE indie goodness (Magnetic Fields, Bikini Kill, Islands, Stereolab, etc.), classic hip hop, and all the hot new releases, like Gang Gang Dance, Squarepusher, Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Leon and beyond.
*Fresh stock of Sweet & Sara (NYC) vegan ‘Smores and Vanilla Marshmallows!!
*Full-sized Kid Robot DIY munny dolls + Frank Kozik’s PLUSH Labbits with mustaches!! You or someone you love definitely needs a mustache bunny.
*Books galore – on punk rock, on lowbrow art, on veganism, on tattoos and everything in-between.
*Kid Robot’s awesome “Yummy Breakfast” and “Things That Hurt” keychains!!
*NEW: Sweat’s permanent teeshirt rack filled with local band shirts and more!!
*We got a sick batch of used LPs in including just about every Bob Dylan album, and a bunch of great new wave pieces by Cabaret Voltaire, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode and more!!
*Album frames!! Someone’s favorite LP in a nice frame is a fantastic gift, for real.
*We’ve also marked down tons of toys, CDs, LPs and more to make room for new goodness so you can definitely score some sweet merch on the cheap.

And now, here’s what’s going on during the Stuffer, 8pm to midnight:

*Live silk-screening by R. GRIMES of Faction!! He’ll be bringing some shirts but everyone is more than welcome to bring their own shirt or other item for him to screen!! Makes for a truly one-of-a-kind wearable gift…
*Samples of Sweat’s organic hot cocoa and vegan egg nog!!
*The debut of our new ART!! FEDERICO NESSI + DINO FELIPE spent hours upon hours on their new permanent installation at the store!! Pieces from Federico’s previous installation were stolen during the September burglary so this one is un-stealable!! It’s definitely a visual treat and something you can look at for hours and still not have taken in every detail…

Last but not least…

WE FINALLY HAVE A NEW FISH TANK!! Having our tank smashed was the lamest part of the whole burglary thing and we are so happy to say that thanks to donations sent in by all you awesome folks, we’ve got a brand new (and improved!) Red Sea Max Aquarium!! Once again the amazing Colin and Jared of CORAL MORPHOLOGIC have set up a gorgeous saltwater reef full of the aptly-named discosoma coral (some even that were saved from the last tank), harlequin sea stars and some new surprises… Come out to the Stuffer and see it for yourself!! We’ll be putting pics up soon as well for those far away or who can’t make it.

So there’s all of that, AND if you spend $10 on anything at the Stocking Stuffer, you get a wristband to get in FREE to the awesome show next door at Churchill’s – DEATH OF AN XMAS PARTY!! Featuring live performances by DINO FELIPE, THIS HEART ELECTRIC, TEEPEE, FLUX FORCES, DROWNING THE VIRGIN SILENCE + DJ HEALER, it will be a night of Miami electro art-rock gothic goodness!! Cover is $5 w/o the Sweat band, and the show starts at 9pm and goes late.

Tonight however, we’ll be pre-partying at an action-packed FRIDAYS AT THE VAGABOND!! In the Garden, MOD L’ONE will be performing live and in the Main Room, guest DJs CARMINE P. FILTHY + RUDY M. SIXTEEN (Even Further, NYC) will be rocking the decks AND we’ve got KENICHI from “The Most Interesting Show in the World” back to do a pop-lockin’ breakdance performance!! Not only that but we’re also taking part in the New Times’ Club Kids Toy Drive so if you bring a gift for a child in need, you’ll get free Asahi before midnight, or half-price cover after that.

Hope to see you all this weekend!!

Much love,
Lolo, Jsin and the Sweat crew