Some Sad News from Sweat Records

Dear Sweat friends and family,

We are writing you today with some very sad news.

Last night Sweat was broken into, robbed and vandalized. The unknown assailants stole everything worth stealing and needlessly trashed this place that we’ve put so much into. Our store computer, credit card terminal, video projector, entire DJ/sound setup, cash drawer and more are gone.

Most of these items can be replaced, however the truly worst part of all is that our beloved saltwater reef tank was found destroyed – smashed and knocked to the ground. Colin and Jared at Coralmorphologic who maintained and gave life to the tank came by to salvage what they could, but it was not pretty. Also on the irreplaceable list are about 8 pieces of art from the store’s personal collection. No one was hurt though and for that we are truly thankful.

It has been a heartbreaking 24 hours for us over here but if you know one thing about Sweat Records, it’s that we don’t give up. Hurricanes can’t keep us down, so we’ll get through this too. Of course it sucks, but it’s just going to make us work harder to make Miami even better and worthy of all the awesome people who live here.

We’ve already had offers of donations and are so extremely thankful. If you do wanna chip in toward the recovery (and future improvement of our security system, among other things) we have a paypal account under this address – and we’ve put a button for it on our myspace and website.

Since we are currently projector-less, this week’s Music Movie Monday is postponed. We’ll show MOOG another night and hopefully by the time next week’s movie rolls around we’ll have a temp projector or replacement. We’ll keep you posted.

However, TUESDAY night’s show will go on!! We’re borrowing a mic and an amp and our brand-new comedy night – CASA DE HA-HA – will debut as planned. Daniel’s got a great variety of local and working comedians lined up so come out for the start of this new monthly happening. The thieves left the espresso machine and the microwave so we’ll have drinks, popcorn and treats. Starts at 9pm!!

Besides that the store will have sporadic hours this week so if you’re going to stop by please call first – 305.758.5862 extension 5.

Much love as always,
Lolo, Jsin, Dan, Jeff, Deuce and the whole Sweat familia

7 thoughts on “Some Sad News from Sweat Records

  1. Richard,
    Amen to that! I think this is motivated more out of hate/envy/jealousy than monetary gains. It’s a damn shame but at the end of the day whatever doesn’t kill you only serves to make you more of a badass!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that! I really appreciate your “Nothing can stop us” attitude as well. I’ll be around to support for years to come!

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